• Team Building

    & Engagement

    for Trust, Bonding & Collaboration

  • Emotional


    for Empathy, Communication & Support

  • Leadership

    & Growth

    for Expression, CoCreation & Excellence

Team Building

Our Team Building workshop is designed to improve Team Coordination, Trust, Team Bonding and Leadership Skills. Entire workshop is activity based and aims to achieve High Employee Engagement.

Employee Wellbeing

Our performance is directly proportional to how we feel both physically as well as emotionally. This session is designed to impart various techniques to improve physical and emotional quotient and work-life balance.

Mindfulness at Workplace

Mindfulness allows us to access the power of Present Moment. By practicing Mindfulness one can make better decisions, manage one's energy and can develop harmonious connection with others.

Empathy at Workplace

Listening is the key to building a good and lasting relation with your colleagues and customers. This training session focuses on building emotional connection and collaboration with others by practicing Empathy.

Relationship Building

Constructive feedbacks are important for us to grow. In this workshop we discuss how we can use relationships as a growth agent. We create a safe and friendly environment for ease of giving & receiving feedbacks.

Growth Mindset

Constant learning attitude is utmost important to excel in the Corporate World. This training session is designed to transform the Mindset towards Growth, Leadership & Change.

About Bhushan Hirlekar

Founder & Director - Corporate Excellence

Bhushan is a HeartMath ® Certified Mentor, EFT Practitioner, and Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner with a total of 16+ years of Corporate Expereince having trained 2000+ Working professionals.

He conducts Corporate Training on Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Employee Wellbeing, and Mindfulness at Workplace.

He believes that Team Work, Empathy & Continuous Learning attitude are the most essential skills one needs to have in order to achieve Success for themselves & their organization.

Bhushan also comes with a rich Corporate Experience of working as a Business Analyst in IT MNCs such as CITI & HSBC Bank.

About Madhura Kamble

Madhura is a Certified Movement Facilitator from The International Dance Council, France CID-UNESCO with an experience of training 800+ working professionals.

She conducts Corporate Workshops on Health & Wellbeing through Creative Dance Movements. She follows the Client Centred Therapy approach for facilitation.

She believes that a "Healthy-Mind" is a reflection of a "Healthy-Body" and hence she brings advanced tools and innovative exercise for Body-Mind Balance.

Prior to this, Madhura worked for 5+ years as a Software Professional in HSBC.

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